Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities 

NPPR members are encouraged to be active participants and be willing to serve on the Board of Directors.  The 15-member Board consists of one representative from each of the 10 EPA regions, 4 at-large positions, and a past chair. 

Role of the Board of Directors:

·        Set policy and direction for NPPR

·        Develop and periodically update the mission, goals and objectives of NPPR

·        Ensure that the mission, goals and objectives of NPPR are carried out

·        Protect the financial well-being of NPPR

·        Serve three year term October 1 – September 30

Responsibilities of a Board Member:


·        Develop and periodically examine the by-laws and policies of NPPR

·        Preserve the institutional independence and integrity of NPPR

·        Determine criteria for membership



·        Assist in fundraising by identifying and pursuing potential projects and/or funding sources

·        Ensure financial solvency of NPPR

·        Ensure fundraising and administrative costs are reasonable

·        Develop sound budgets and financial plans

·        Ensure the organization adheres to the budget

·        Monitor and periodically evaluate overall financial strength



·        Support and periodically review the programs and projects of NPPR

·        Serve as a technical resource to NPPR staff as needed

·        Monitor and evaluate overall financial strength

·        Review member handbook every year

  •   Ensure proper insurance for Board of Directors is maintained



·        Participate regularly in meetings and conference calls

·        Be prepared to discuss all meeting and conference call agenda topics

·        Serve as Board liaison to at least one workgroup

·        Serve on Board standing committees

·        Maintain high visibility and presence at national conferences

·        Board members affiliated with a region provide liaison between Regional Roundtables and NPPR

·        Be willing to serve as an officer

·        Ability to set direction for current and future NPPR activities

·        Represent views/concerns of NPPR members

·        Opportunity to contribute to position papers on policy issues

·        Conduct activities as stated in the NPPR Strategic Implementation Plan

·        Recruit new members to NPPR

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