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Fall 2020

Join us for these P2 Week events

P2 Week is the third week of September. Join us as we celebrate 30 years of the P2 Act and 35 years of NPPR. Both events are free.

On September 21 from 4-5:30 pm EDT for a virtual P2 reunion. We encourage anyone who has been involved in the P2 community over the past 40 years to attend. Reunite with your colleagues to discuss the past, present, and future of P2.

On September 22 from 1:30-3 pm EDT, NPPR and EPA Region 4 will co-host a webinar to celebrate People, Prosperity, Planet…the Journey to Sustainability.

The webinar agenda will include:

  • Definition and impact of P2.
  • A brief discussion of the evolution of P2, including federal P2 legislation in 1990, EPA programs that advance P2 principles and foster implementation, P2 in today’s world, and where EPA’s P2 program is headed in the future.
  • Brief history of NPPR’s origins and how it currently supports P2 work being done at the local, state, and national level.
  • Announcement of NPPR’s 2020 MVP2 Award Winners.
  • Launch of NPPR's P2 University (P2U) Training Series, a collaborative effort between NPPR and EPA Region 4 that supports networking and professional development for P2 practitioners.

The webinar is open to all who seek a better understanding of P2, relevant federal programs, and/or resources to support the P2 community.

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Celebrate P2 Week and 30 Years of the P2 Act

This year's P2 Week theme recognizes the 30th anniversary of the federal Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. This landmark legislation codified the importance of environmental protection actions that eliminate pollution at the source. Prevention is the cheapest, most proactive and efficient way to handle environmental challenges.

To mark this important anniversary, NPPR commissioned Laura Regan to design this year's P2 Week art. Regan's art has also been used to help to raise funds for many organizations including the World Wildlife Fund, the San Francisco Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, and CRES (Center for Reproduction of Endangered species).

Purchase the image as a poster or put it on a mug, t-shirt, notebook, tote bag, or notecard.

Get your P2 Week gear

Ellie Goldberg: 2019 MVP2 Award for Outstanding P2 Volunteer

Every year, Ellie Goldberg gives out a Healthy Kids Heroes Award to mark the anniversary of the 1937 Texas School Explosion. It honors “inspirational leaders who demonstrate an extraordinary sense of responsibility and commitment to the safety of children and their communities.

This year it is Ellie's turn to receive recognition for her extraordinary career of drawing attention to opportunities to stop using toxics, particularly to protect children, as a recipient of the 2019 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention award for outstanding P2 volunteer.

The 2020 MVP2 awards will be announced during the P2 Week webinar on September 22.

Learn more about the MVP2 Awards

Workgroup updates

Food & Beverage

On August 5, Mark Valencia with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) spoke to the Food & Beverage workgroup about the state's sustainability membership program for breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Tennessee Sustainable Spirits (Sustainable Spirits) is a voluntary recognition and technical assistance program administered by TDEC’s Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices (OPSP). The program works with wineries and wine growers, breweries, and distilleries to reduce operational costs and environmental impacts. They also serve as a gateway to sustainability education through popular brands.

The new voluntary program helps companies improve their operational sustainability by promoting best practices, providing technical assistance, and developing relationships.

View the recording

Leadership & Voluntary Programs

The Leadership & Voluntary Program Workgroup is hosting a discussion of standards and review processes for EMS-based leadership programs on October 1 from 2-3 pm EDT. Join us if you have an EMS-based program or are interesting in learning more about them.

Send your questions to Meghann Quinn prior to the webinar.

The discussion will be led by questions submitted by attendees, including these:

  • What EMS standards are used?
  • Who reviews the submitted EMS?
  • Who verifies that the applicants/members are doing what they say they are doing? Is there an on-site visit?
Submit your questions

TSCA & Chemical Safety Workgroup

Ken Zarker reports that Senator Coons’ Sustainable Chemistry Research and Development Act of 2019 was included in the Senate-passed NDAA bill.

The bill directs the Office of Science and Technology Policy to convene an interagency entity under the National Science and Technology Council to coordinate federal programs and activities in support of sustainable chemistry.

Participating agencies must carry out specified activities in support of sustainable chemistry, which includes incorporating sustainable chemistry into existing research, development, demonstration, technology transfer, commercialization, education, and training programs.

Read the press release

From the states

Region 1

Metal finisher holds virtual demo

River Street Metal Finishing, located in Braintree, Massachusetts, received a TURI grant to purchase a new acid purification system that filters dissolved aluminum out of the tanks and returns the filtered solution back to the tank. As a result, the reduction of sulfuric acid use is improving worker safety and reducing hazardous waste.

The company expects to save approximately $1,200 in chemical purchases and $3,800 in hazardous waste disposal annually.

Learn more about the project

TURI hosts safer cleaning & disinfecting webinar for schools

TURI hosted a webinar on August 14 to provide guidance to schools as they plan to re-open amid the pandemic.

The featured experts included:

  • Ken Wertz, Executive Director, Mass Facilities Administrators Assoc.
  • Carol Westinghouse, President, Informed Green Solutions
  • Lynn Rose, Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant to Schools
  • Jason Marshall, Laboratory Director, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Watch the webinar recording

Region 5

MnTAP interns present project at virtual symposium

On August 19, MnTAP's pollution prevention interns presented the results of their projects during a virtual symposium.

The interns worked at a wide range of companies and led projects related to energy and water conservation, reduction of nutrient wastewater loading, nutrient removal from wastewater, waste reduction, and lean process optimization.

Learn more about the 2020 intern projects

IDEM and Purdue MEP offer technical assistance and grant opportunities to Indiana manufacturers

With funding from IDEM’s Pollution Prevention Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), Purdue MEP is offering W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping to Indiana companies to help make process improvements.

The funding will provide W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping assessments to 15 Indiana manufacturers at a reduced cost.

Learn more from IDEM

ISTC announces Fall 2020 sustainability seminars

The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center has announced its Fall 2020 Sustainability Seminar series. The series features presentations by researchers, policy makers, and corporate executives on topics related to sustainability, energy, and the environment. All presentations are from noon-1 pm CT. On September 10, Dr. Tim Lindsey discussed recent trends in the emerging hydrogen economy.

Upcoming seminars include:

View previous seminars

New publications

P2 101 LibGuide: Focus on essential information

The Pollution Prevention 101 LibGuide offers links to a wealth of information for P2 technical assistance providers.

The Essential Information section is a quick start guide for those new to the profession. It includes links to:

  • foundational P2 and industrial ecology publications
  • tools recommended by P2 practitioners
  • networking opportunities
  • funding opportunities
  • examples of successful P2 projects, and
  • a complete list of EPA's sector notebooks.
Visit the P2 101 LibGuide

Assessment of Alternatives to Cleaners and Sanitizers for the Brewing Industry

TURI's laboratory completed an evaluation of common cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and potential alternatives. They tested cleaners and sanitizers for their ability to remove soils accrued in the primary brewing and fermentation processes, as well as to ensure sanitization of the tanks between uses.

This document has been prepared to:

  • Provide background information about the use of traditional cleaners and sanitizers in the brewing process
  • Provide technical, financial, environmental, health and safety, and basic regulatory information on alternatives to the traditional cleaners and sanitizers
  • Assist breweries in the process of identifying which alternative(s) offer the best fit for their facility
Download the publication

Assessment of Safer and Effective Alternatives for Coating Removal Products

TURI initiated a project in 2015 to identify and evaluate safer and effective alternatives to methylene chloride and other chemicals of high concern used in coating removal products. This publication reports their findings.

Download the publication

Food Matters Program and Policy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for city policymakers and agency staff nationwide who are seeking to advance a program or implement policies to prevent food from becoming waste, increase donation of surplus food, and recycle food scraps.

Alongside the toolkit is a curated set of guides to tackle food waste at the local level which have proven successful in NRDC’s work with Food Matters cities.

The toolkit and templates are designed to meet cities at different stages of their food waste journey, providing users with practical resources to take both incremental steps towards city-wide change as well as bold accelerated strategies.

The site includes case studies from Baltimore, Denver, Nashville, and New York.

Access the toolkit

TCE Alternatives Webinars and Training

MnTAP staff has produced a series of webinars to provide information on TCE alternatives. Subscribe to receive announcements of new webinars. The webinars support MnTAP's TCE Alternatives Project.

View the webinar recordings

U.S. Nonprofit Launches NatRef Technology Library

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), a 501c3 nonprofit collaborating with the supermarket industry to advance the adoption of natural refrigerants, has launched, for a limited time, a free online library of audio/slide presentations showcasing natural refrigerant technology for both new and existing supermarket facilities.

NASRC has also released a resource library, which includes a collection of tools and educational resources to help the supermarket industry, policymakers, environmental stakeholders, and interested individuals learn about and contribute to the advancement of natural refrigerants in supermarket and food retail applications. The resource library comprises a natural refrigerants overview and information on incentives and energy; contractors and technicians; return on investment; codes and standards; best practices; and policy.

View the technology library

Toxics Release Inventory: Access to data about industrial chemical releases on or near tribal lands

This presentation covers how data from EPA’s TRI Program can help tribal communities and others interested in chemical releases on or near tribal lands.

It includes an overview of TRI resources and opportunities for tribes and demos of two online tools for easily accessing chemical release data. 

View the webinar recording

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Upcoming Events

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Sep 21, 3:30-5 pm EDT


P2 Week and NPPR's P2U Kickoff Webinar
Sep 22, 1:30-3 pm EDT


Big Gulp: Lessons Learned on Providing P2 Tech Assistance to Food and Beverage Manufacturers
Sep 23, 1-2:30 pm EDT


P2 Virtual Assessment Training
Sep 23, 3-4 pm EDT


WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable Summit 2020 Reimagined
Sep 22-23, 2-5 pm EDT each day


Leadership & Voluntary Program Workgroup Discussion: EMS-based Membership Program Review Process
Oct 1, 2-3 pm EDT


The Idea Store: Lessons in Creative Reuse
Oct 8, 1-2 pm EDT


Sustainable Issues and Opportunities for Handling End-of-Life PV Modules
Oct 22, 10:30-noon EDT


USDA FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) Virtual Trainings 2020
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