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A Voice for P2

February 2021

Signatory on letter in support of restoring the Safer Choice Program

September 2020

Co-Sponsorship Agreement for the P2U Training Series

June 2019

In May, U.S. EPA hosted a meeting for its Pollution Prevention Grantees in Denver, CO.  During the meeting, attendees discussed EPA’s Pollution Prevention Grant Program strategic approach of developing, documenting, sharing, and replicating best practices & P2 innovations.  As P2 grantees themselves, several NPPR Board members were in attendance. From the information obtained and discussions held, it’s clear that NPPR will continue to be a relevant resource for P2 professionals in support of our members and the larger P2 community.   Following the meeting NPPR provided comments to EPA and encouraged the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention to: 

  • Engage the external community when making large, programmatic changes and decisions in the future;
  • Provide progress updates to meeting attendees on efforts to incorporate recommendations made during the Grantee Meeting for the new Chemical Safety and Source Reduction Hub (hub);
  • Share a timeline for development and launch of various portions of the hub as well as quarterly (or more frequent if necessary) calls to provide updates on the status of the hub;
  • Work with NPPR to establish an approach for beta testing the new hub before publicly launching the platform;
  • Work with NPPR to leverage our existing network to improve communication, sharing information, and leveraging expertise across P2 programs; and
  • Provide updates on the status of recommended NEAs that were identified during this meeting, and decisions as to why those were included/not included.

Read the full letter.

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