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national pollution prevention roundtable

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Pollution Prevention Week

Pollution Prevention Week is the third week of September each year. P2 Week 2024 will be September 16-22 using the theme:

"Together We Are One Planet"

P2 Week 2023 was September 18-24 using the theme:

"Pollution Prevention Works!"

The 2023 P2 Week picture was designed for NPPR by our Board of Directors member, Joe Bolick, who is also Director of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center.  

The design is available for purchase on a mug, t-shirt, and more.


Ken Zarker

Terri Goldberg

P2U: Brought to you by NPPR 

Pollution Prevention University (P2U) launched on September 22, 2020 as part of the 2020 National P2 Week celebration. This ongoing series of quarterly P2 webinars is provided by NPPR to support networking and professional development for P2 practitioners. Learn more about P2U and how you can participate.

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NPPR's workgroups coincide with EPA national emphasis areas and other issues of interest to the P2 community. The workgroups bring together P2 professionals from across the country to share ideas, information,  and deliverables.

Check out our news feed and the most recent edition of the NPPR Newsletter for all our member news.

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Winners of the 2023 MVP2 Awards are now posted!

NPPR communicates with EPA and other stakeholders to serve as a national, cohesive voice for pollution prevention

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