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Private sector p2 professionals

On June 18th NPPR hosted the first webinar to form a Private Sector P2 Professionals Network. 

Recorded Webinar (Google account required for access)

NPPR Board members Rick Reibstein and Greg Geyer joined pioneer P2 professional Robert Pojasek in launching a public discussion of the importance of articulating the value of the preventive approach. Noting that the population of government P2 professionals had dwindled, and that knowledge of P2 is widespread in industry and commerce, but not by that name, the hosts focused on the utility of heightening awareness of the principle of “trying prevention first.”

Although efforts to achieve sustainability, implement environmental management systems, or claim social responsibility include P2, the subsuming of the approach in these and other contexts has entailed loss of a useful, graspable, transferable concept, the kind of gift that would keep on giving if not forgotten.

Participants on the call came from all parts of the United States. They agreed that there would be benefits to a coalescence of the voices of P2 professionals and that there are many professionals in the private sector who believe in the value of the preventive strategy.

To serve this need, the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Board has created a workgroup for Private Sector P2 Professionals.

Current Chairs are Greg Geyer and Alicia Wind.

If you would like to join this workgroup or have questions, email group founder Rick Reibstein at, with PSP2P in the subject line or reach out to Greg Geyer or Alicia Wind through the members section of our website. 

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