The Lean-P2 Connection: Learning to See

This February 2021 NPPR session of the P2U (Pollution Prevention University) Training Series focuses on identifying P2 solutions that compliment Lean principles.

An overview of Lean principles, including how value-added tasks are defined and the eight standard lean wastes. A simple exercise is included that demonstrates how to see lean wastes and other P2 wastes. The session concludes with a real life example of a manufacturing process where participants will test the ability to see wastes resulting in cost savings and environmental reductions. Additionally, P2 opportunities identified through Lean and Environment projects with a trailer manufacturer and a door manufacturer is presented.


Interested stakeholders in the P2 network including Pollution Prevention (P2) and Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) grantees and representatives of any governmental, institutional, or other programs with a mission to further the advancement of P2.


  • Better understanding of the basics of Lean principles.
  • Ability to identify lean wastes and P2 opportunities resulting in cost savings and environmental reductions.
  • Learn from real-world examples of P2 approaches and resources to assist technical assistance providers.
  • Opportunity for interaction and shared best practices among P2 peers.

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