Leadership & Voluntary Programs Driving P2 Initiatives

The November 2022 NPPR session of the P2U (Pollution Prevention University) Training Series focused on how voluntary leadership programs drive pollution prevention initiatives within their states. Learn about the programs, how programs attract members, what programs do remain current and more. 

Featured Speakers

Marcia Allocco, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

Marcia Allocco is a Section Chief within NCDEQ’s Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service with oversight of permitting and small business assistance staff, DEQ’s Customer Service Line and the department’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI).  ESI is a leadership and recognition program designed to assist NC organizations to go beyond compliance by providing networking, training and one-on-one assistance. In 2022, the NC ESI will celebrate 20 years of assisting NC organizations via pollution prevention and sustainability strategies to reduce environmental impacts and support NC’s economy.

Robyn Whitted, Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection

Robyn Whitted is a pollution prevention specialist and the coordinator of Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL); the Commonwealth’s free environmental leadership and recognition program. Within the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, KY EXCEL assists organizations in going beyond compliance by providing resources, training and one-on-one assistance. KY EXCEL acts as a community for Kentucky’s environmental stewards, from beginners to experts, by providing a place to explore environmental issues, engage in environmentally beneficial projects and network with like-minded individuals.

Meghann Quinn, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Meghann Quinn manages Virginia DEQ's Office of Pollution Prevention which coordinates a number of voluntary programs and initiatives to assist businesses, institutions and communities with efforts to minimize their environmental footprint. Programs such as the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) encourage "going above and beyond" environmental compliance. VEEP encourages companies to strive for superior environmental performance by providing participants with program assistance, potential permit fee discounts and public recognition.

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